Agreement Summary

  1. A reseller is required to submit a Reseller Ship Fee of Rs ______________ to become Temporary Reseller which will be considered as a One time Reseller Ship Fee if you are a Temporary Reseller with the company. If you are becoming Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller then the interest free Reseller Ship Fee which you have submitted will be a refundable deposit amount and after 5 Year of time/Locking period company will refund that deposit amount. Company will not pay any interest on the Reseller Ship Fee amount. This Reseller Ship between SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and _________________ will be and only for GST Software and under this agreement Reseller will not allow to sell any other product of company on his/her behalf in the said area or anywhere.
  2. This agreement is subject to one year renewal and this one year renewal will be applicable for Temporary/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller. After one year renewal of reseller agreement will be subject to Company’s decision.
  3. For Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller it is mandatory to achieve a minimum target of Rs. ______________ under one year of the agreement. If under any circumstances Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller fails to accomplish the said target than his/her partnership fee amount will be immediately forfeited by the company.
  4. The Maximum Retail Price of GEN GST software will be 5,000 Rs. + All Applicable Taxes.
  5. Temporary Reseller will only allow to take margin on the one time sale of the GST software and will be limited to this only where Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller will get margin on one time sale and on updation also. (Refer Margin Table)
  6. Each category of reseller can only purchase the GST software under the slot system to avail the pre decided discounts on respective slots. Reseller will not be allowed to take higher discount of higher slot by clubbing two lower slots. Example: Reseller X cannot take discount of 30% of slot 30 by taking two slots of 50.(Refer Margin Table)
  7. Under this agreement resellers will not be allowed to cancel their purchase of particular slots after once they book the same. Slots purchasing will be non- adjustable and non-replaceable by any mean.
  8. Each category of reseller have to pay in advance to purchase any slot of GST software. Company will not accept any on the spot payment/post sale payment etc.
  9. That during the period of reseller ship, the reseller shall not canvass for or act as a reseller for products of the same kind for any other competitive company and if during the period of reseller ship company seems that reseller is selling any other competitive company’s product which are the same and reseller is taking an undue advantage and he is not working in the interest of the company consequently company got loss this would lead to termination of reseller ship and in this case the liability for any loss to the company has to be bored by the reseller by whatever mean company decides.
  10. To avail renewal it is mandatory for Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller to meet the targets for the sale. Refer condition no. 3.
  11. At any point of time during the year if the Reseller wants to migrate himself/herself from one category of reseller ship to another category of reseller ship then following below conditions will be applicable:
    Within 45 Days - Under temporary reseller ship, if a reseller move to the higher category of reseller ship within 45 days from the date when he/she joined the company then the company will adjust his/her Partnership Fees with the higher Partnership Fees. Company will adjust the temporary reseller ship fees that to be exclusive of taxes.
    After 45 days – Under temporary reseller ship, if a reseller move to the higher category of reseller ship after 45 days from the date when he/she joined the company then his/her Partnership Fees automatically forfeited by the company and he/she has to submit the Partnership Fees again according to the new category as per his/her choice.
    For Silver/Gold/Platinum/Premium Reseller ship – If reseller wants to move from the lower category to a higher category than he/she has to pay the balance security amount and then reseller can move to higher category of reseller ship.
  12. Reseller can’t move from higher category to a lower category reseller ship program.

Online / Cloud / Mobile - Reseller Ship T&C:

  1. Reseller can avail the online licenses on ‘Real time request’ basis.
  2. Reseller can request for any number of licenses from company. Reseller has to submit the advance amount against the sell by him/her.
  3. If in any month reseller sell more than 100 Licenses then he/she will get additional 10% discount on the bill.
  4. No margin will be provided any upgradation such as Hosting, Domain, Bandwidth, Additional Client (GST No.) Login, Employee Login.