An Easy Way to

File GST Returns And Pay Taxes Online

Gen GST is an all-in-one GST software that lets you generate GST compliant invoices, file GST
returns online and make payment of taxes easily and quickly from within one application.

Gen GST is a comprehensive GST invoicing and return filing software application developed by SAG Infotech to make it easier and faster for businesses to create GST compliant invoices and bills and file GST returns online without confusion. The software is so easy to use that it can be operated by even an invoice and non-technical person who has no knowledge of accounting or GST. Gen GST billing software is available in the web, mobile and desktop variants. Take a look at some of its outstanding features and applications below.

Gen GST Features and Usage


The application lets you create GST-ready invoices and bills for all types of business transactions within seconds.

Import-Export Facility

Gen GST lets you import and export data from/to other famous accounting software, excel, e-file (JSON) and invoice section. It also supports direct filing to the common portal.

e-Payment of Taxes

The software also has an integrated option for online payment of tax and other amounts. The e-payment option is highly secure with top-class encryption technique and is directly connected to the GST Portal for instant payments.

GST filing

The best feature of this GST software is the real-time filing of GST returns. You can file returns and push changes directly to your GST Portal account using this software. It also allows you to import/export data from/to many other compatible applications.


Based on your subscription type, Gen GST gives you the facility to create unlimited user accounts and file unlimited returns.

Advanced Security

The application is created on a very secure JAVA platform and implements a robust security feature that protects your data and payments through passwords, encryption, backups and other techniques.

Gen GST Partnership/Dealership Program

Gen GST Partner program has been started with the aim to spread the awareness of this amazing GST software so that more and more people all over the country can benefit from it. This is a great opportunity for agencies, especially small businesses and startups who are looking for a trustworthy partner to boost the growth of their own businesses. The program is intended to build a strong network of GST partners to extend the reach of this affordable GST software to more end customers.

Benefits of Gen GST over other GST Software in Market

Gen GST is a complete GST billing and returns filing software that makes it easy even for novice businesses to file their GST returns online. It has many benefits over other GST tools in the market, some of which are explained below.

High-security: It is a highly secure JAVA based software that ensures proper security of your business data and account information including encrypted online payments.

Cost-effective: Gen GST is one of the most affordable and complete GST tools available in the market. The web version of the software is even available for free use for one user.

Platform Independent: You can access Gen GST online on the web, in downloadable format for your desktop PC/laptop and in a mobile app format to perform billing tasks on the go. No other software gives you this many options.

Easy to use: As we mentioned before, you do not need any professional help or guidance to use this software as the process is very easy and the navigation is very simple in Gen GST.

OS Independent: Gen GST can be installed and used on any PC device irrespective of the operating system installed on it as the software is OS independent.

Faster e-filing of Returns: The software is made such that it enables faster and error-free filing of GST returns from a single dashboard.

GST Helpline and Support: The company has also created a dedicated helpline for GST taxpayers and software users who wish to know more about GST, e-filing, returns, rules, procedure, and/or need support with the use of the software.

    Frequently Asked Questions About GST Partner

    The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is now a reality for the people and businesses in India. Ever since the launch of GST in he country, people have been asking several questions to get a better idea of how the new tax system actually works. Here, we try to answer the most common FAQs on GST.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a GST partner, you get the access to our Gen GST solution which you can further promote and sell in your business network and beyond. This is a mutually beneficial partnership where we get extended reach for our software and you get a commission for each sale and the opportunity to become a part of something bigger.
    Gen GST is the most comprehensive and affordable GST e-filing and billing software application in the market, so far. Read the benefits and features above to know why you should be using this GST tool.
    Anyone with a substantial business network who desires to partner for mutual profits can apply to become a GST partner. This includes business managers, heads, CA (chartered accountants), lawyers and everyone else.
    As a valued partner of our business, you get access to our premium Gen GST software at a reduced price. On top of that, you’ll receive a commission for every sale you make for us. The more you sell, the more you will earn.
    The benefits are unlimited. You become a part of a reputed GST and tax network at SAG Infotech. You also get the premium version of our Gen GST software at a special price and attractive margin benefits for each sale you make on behalf of the company. As a professional CA or lawyer, you can also use the software to file GST returns online for as many clients as you want.
    The process of registration is very simple. You need to fill in a simple GST partner application form available at and send to us. We will review your application and will send you the confirmation email as soon as possible.
    Yes, but they will not get any margin or other benefits from the company.
    SAGInfotech support team will provide complete assistance to all your clients for as long as they choose to use our software.