Most Important FAQs and Their Answers About Gen GST Software

Gen GST Software Faqs

Gen GST is a widely popular GST software that enables users and businesses to create GST compliant bills/invoices and file e-returns of GST taxes. It is a complete GST software with many advanced features like unlimited e-filing, secure payment gateway, auto error detection, cloud and desktop versions, dedicated mobile app and more. While hundreds of businesses and Chartered Accountants have already started using this software for easy tax filing, they might have some questions in mind about the unique features and limitations of the software.

Gen GST Software Faqs

Here, you will find answers to the common and most frequently asked questions about Gen GST Software.

1. What is Gen GST software and What is it used for?

A. Gen GST is a Goods & Service Tax filing and billing software developed by SAG Infotech. The application was developed with the purpose of helping people to easily file tax returns under the GST regime. The software is compatible with major OS platforms and consists of a number of features and functionalities including mobile app compatibility, data backup, bill creation, unlimited e-return filing and more.

2. Does your GEN GST software complies with all the rules and regulates given by GST council?

A. Yes, our software complies with latest norms and regulation of goods and services tax and compliance regulated by the GST council of India.

3. Does this software support filing of the GSTR-3B tax return?

A. Yes, Gen GST has an inbuilt mechanism for filing the GSTR-3B form for tax returns. The facility is available with the Gen GST desktop application which you can download and start using right away.

4. Does it have any data backup and restore program for protection against accidental data loss?

A. Yes. Gen GST has a cloud version through which all the user data is automatically backed-up and saved on our secure servers from where you can restore/recover any of your lost data. The desktop application also supports data backup facility after synchronization with the cloud.

5. How do I get Gen GST software?

A. You can download and use the trial version of Gen GST from our website. If you like the free version, you can purchase the full software by paying a small amount. The software will be available to you in the following three versions.

Cloud version: You will be given a unique ID and password which you can use to access our GST software online (on the cloud). All your data and settings will be stored in the cloud. The online version gives you the freedom to use the software anytime from anywhere.

PC Suite: On purchase of the Gen GST software, you get a PC suite version which is ready to be installed and used on your desktop computer. The PC version provides the same functionality and features as the cloud app.

Downloadable software: Gen GST software will also be provided to you in a downloadable file format along with the activation key which you can use on any compatible device.

All the three versions of the software can be synchronized to exchange data with each other. There is also available a separate mobile application that you can purchase if needed.

6. Are there any other features in Gen GST?

A. Gen GST is one of the most feature-rich GST billing software you will find in the market. The long list of unique features includes highly-secure JAVA coding, cross-platform compatibility, data import/export facility, synchronization with the cloud, automatic updates, data backup and restore, database encryption and password security, unlimited clients and returns, etc.

7. Does this software support GST compliant billing?

A. Yes, Gen-GST has the facility for creating GST compliant bills and invoices for any industry. It can even import data directly from the billing while filing tax returns online. It is now mandatory for dealers and shopkeepers to issue GST compliant bills and invoices, and Gen GST software can help you produce the right formats.

8. Can Gen GST Software import data from other resources/locations?

A. Yes, the software provides support to several third-party accounting software and can import data directly from them. So, even if you are using an accounting software of any other company, you can import your data to Gen GST directly from your current app. It also supports import from Excel for GST return filing and export to Excel for the purpose of record saving.

9. Do I get a free demo of Gen GST?

A. Yes, the free demo of the software is available on the website. You can register and download the free demo to get an idea of how Gen GST actually works. The demo application may have limited features as compared to the actual software.

10. What are the services provided by Gen GST?

A. Gen GST is a complete tax software that provides all GST related services including billing and invoicing, online tax return filing, accounting, GST ledger management, notification and updates, account reconciliation, tax liability and Input Tax Credit (ITC) calculation, e-payment of taxes and more.

11. Can I use Gen GST for free?

A. Yes, there is a free-version of Gen GST software that you can download and use on your desktop. It is usable only for a short period and comes with a limited number of features. If you are a frequent user or want to register multiple clients, we recommend buying the full Gen GST version that gives you access to all of its unique features along with unlimited e-filing capability.
The cloud version of Gen GST is also free to use but only for one GSTIN or for a single business/person.

12. What are the future possibilities of support and assistance related to the GEN GST software?

A. We are a strong organization based on at least 2 decades with trustful clients all over India, so we are definitely ready to serve your taxation and software needs and support in coming future with no doubt.

13. IS GEN GST software is able to handle multi-company model?

A. Yes, GEN GST is capable of handling multiple clients and their respective organizations with single ID along with offering for a further client base with GST requirements.

14. How many features and utilities are available in GEN GST software?

A. There are multiple features available in the GEN GST software to cater the needs of clients including GST billing and filing feature. Taxpayer and clients are also able to access their clients in the software with complete maintenance of the database.

7 Must Follow Methodologies to Avoid Business Partnership Complexities

business partnership

Business partnerships can be a wonderful way for a business to arrange quick capital and skills, especially for small businesses and startups. It can help you get the right resources without actually having to hire someone. But partnerships are not all good. The chances of conflicts and friction get higher when two or more people decide to run a business together.

There are many reasons why more than half of all business partnerships don’t survive. It is usually the matter of ego, money, duties, authority, stress, expenses or something else. It is crucial for partners to come up with a strategy or think of a solution to avoid such business conflicts in the future. Here are a few things you can do and not do to ensure a smooth running of business partnership.

Sharing of Expenses:

Instead of sharing your own capital in the business, you must try to form an associative arrangement where expenses are shared mutually by all the partners of the business. It is wise for all partners to have shared in the expenses rather than just in profits.

Forming a Written Agreement:

Although it is very natural for business partnerships to be bound with some kind of written agreement to ensure the solidarity of the business, many businesspersons still consider it unnecessary as they think they know their partners and can completely trust them. A partnership agreement can help you save your business and personal relationship in case of a conflict and it keeps different partners of the business in line. Make sure to include all the important things in your business partnership agreement.

Know Your Partner and His Goals:

No matter for how long you know the person, you both must have the same goals in order for the partnership to succeed. If your business partner wishes to split up after a few years or months to start up his own business or to do something else, it is wiser to look for someone else to partner with.

Don’t Partner with Someone When You Can’t Afford to Hire:

It seems like the best idea to partner with someone when you can’t afford to hire them at the time, but it really isn’t. You may have partnered with them then just because you needed them but later on, you cannot fire them even if you want to since you are obliged by the partnership agreement.

Discussion about the Future of the Business:

It is easier for partners to be optimistic in the beginning about the success of their business but they may not feel the same as challenges begin to appear. This is why it is crucial for partners to discuss the future of the business in the very beginning, about how and what ways to follow to deal with such future challenges.

Don’t be Afraid to Confront:

When you know that your partner is wrong or you can input better ideas in a certain decision, you must not hesitate to confront your partner. It shows that you feel the same responsibility towards the business, and you both are equally invested in making the right decision for the sake of the business.

Have an Exit Strategy:

An exit agreement is necessary to give you and your business partner the freedom to walk out of the partnership in the case when your business goals are no longer the same. This may at least save your relationship with the person, if not the partnership.

Partnerships may have the potential to take your business to the next level, but it isn’t recommended for every case. Make sure to consult an experienced business lawyer to avoid making a mistake in the business partnership.

Why Choose Gen GST Software over Any Other GST Software in Industry


Ever since the launch of GST in India, the businesses of all kind are looking for an easy way to file online tax returns and create invoices/bills in compliance with GST laws. Even many professional CAs (Chartered Accountants) are struggling to understand the GST return filing process. To ease the GST billing and e-filing process, SAG Infotech has created this awesome Gen GST Software that allows you to easily create GST compliant invoices/bills and file returns online on GST portal.

SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd is a leading IT software company based in Jaipur, India. The firm is certified by ISI, CII, ASSOCHAM, and NASSCOM for its excellent services in the growth of the IT industry of the country. We specialize in developing software and applications for accounting, finance, banking and other related industries. Our CA Taxation software is being used by businesses not only in India, but overseas as well, and we continue receiving appreciations from our clients.

About Gen GST Software

Gen GST is a GST compliant taxation software launched by SAG Infotech for taxpayers in India. Within only a few days of its launch, the software has already started creating a buzz in the industry. Businesses and CAs are finding it really easy to create invoices and file GST returns using this amazing tool. Gen GST makes the process of billing and filing of tax really simple even for novice users who do not have much idea about the whole taxation system.

Among all the confusion and issues around GST compliance, Gen GST works as a charm to help smooth GST transition for you and your business. Have a look at the unique features and highlights of GEN GST that put us way ahead than any other GST software in the market.

Highlights of the Gen GST

Unlimited Client E-filing:

Gen GST is a blessing for CAs who wish to maintain tax details and file returns for all their clients by using a single tool. It allows you to file as many returns as you want for any number of clients.

Single Click e-Payment of Taxes:

With Gen GST, you can create bills, file returns and pay your taxes from a single platform in just a few clicks. The integration of online payment gateway makes it possible to pay taxes from within the tool.

Built in Highly Secured JAVA Language:

The online (cloud) variant of Gen GST has been developed in highly secure JAVA language to ensure a robust platform for the security of your personal data, applications, tax details, and transactions.

Choose any GSP/ASP for E-Filing Returns:

The Gen GST application is compatible with all the GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) platforms so you can file your return by selecting your favourite ASP/GSP from the list.

Free GST Software Available (SaaS):

The online GST software (SaaS) is completely free to use for return filing and billing. You can also download the free demo of our desktop application to get an idea of how Gen GST actually works.

Import Data in Returns from Billing:

One of the unique features of Gen GST is the option for importing data directly from billing details when filing returns so that you don’t have to fill each information and entry manually.

Auto Error Detection:

The software is equipped with an Auto Error Finder tool that automatically detects errors (spelling/grammatical/mathematical) in the entered information and notifies the user of the same.

Dedicated Mobile App:

In addition to the Gen GST desktop and cloud applications, you can also purchase Gen GST mobile app for Android/iOS that enables you to create GST bills and file returns using your mobile device.

Features of Gen GST software

Gen GST has some very unique and advanced features that you will not find in any other GST software in the market. It is a complete and probably the easiest solution to all your GST tax return filing and e-billing needs. Read further about the significant features that make Gen GST better than any other similar application.

Platform independent:

The cloud version of the software is fully platform independent while the software and mobile applications are designed to support compatible platforms.

Direct mode:

Taxpayers can choose the direct mode if they wish to file returns directly through GST Portal.


If you are using both our cloud application and desktop application variants, then your data will be auto synchronized in between two platforms on daily basis.

Error-free reporting:

you can see full, error-free, date-wise reports of all your activities, returns and bills/invoices, debit notes, credit notes, etc. through your dashboard.

Automatic invoice generation:

The software enables you to easily generate purchase invoices for unregistered dealers, debit/credit notes, payment vouchers, return voucher, receipts, advanced bills and e-way bills in GST-compliant format.

Easy Import-Export:

It allows importing data from Excel, e-file and invoice section and exporting data to Excel, GST Portal, client system and more.

Compatible with other accounting software:

Gen GST is compatible with many popular accounting applications to enable you to import data from your existing accounting software.

Advanced security:

The software implements some of the most advanced security measures like user right protection, password protection, return lock feature, and usage log to ensure complete safety of your data and applications.

LAN connectivity:

The desktop application of Gen GST software supports LAN connectivity feature through which you can share the connection with other computers in the same network.

Free GST Helpline:

Free GST Helpline is there to help you with all your GST related questions, queries and doubts. You can also contact our customer support for any kind of help.

Automatic backup/restore:

The integrated backup feature will automatically create backups of your database and software on daily/weekly basis to provide enhanced protection.

Feedback facility:

There is a dedicated option through which users can share their suggestions and feedbacks and report any error or problem in the software.

Theme customization:

You can even customize the color, theme and interface of the software according to your interest.

Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are many other features and applications of Gen GST that you can better understand by using the software. So, go ahead and give it a try.


Legal Documents and Important Things Required For Business Partnership

Business Partnership

So you have decided that you want to go into partnership with someone. And fortunately, you even found the perfect person to partner with. Now what? The next logical step is to start the legalization of partnership by collecting partnership agreement and other important documents.

What is a Partnership Agreement?

A partnership agreement is a legal contract between two or more partners in the business. It is a legal document mentioning various terms and conditions of the particular partnership. This will include the terms like ownership details, distribution of profits and losses, managerial and decision-making powers, duties of partners and more such details, so as to avoid or resolve any disagreement that may arise during the course of the business partnership.

A partnership agreement is crucial for every business partnership, no matter the type of business or with whom you are partnering with. Just like a personal relationship, a business partnership is also likely to go through ups and downs. A legal agreement will make sure to protect yourself, your relationship with your partner, and your business in the case of a disagreement or a legal issue. The agreement mentions the details of how the particular business should be run and the things that can go wrong and how to deal with them, etc.

Things to include in a partnership agreement

Here are some of the most crucial things that should include in big or small business partnership agreement.

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Ownership Information:

This is the most basic thing to include in the partnership agreement. The details of the ownership percentage of different partners in the business, which is usually decided on the basis of their initial contributions, active/passive status, role in the business, etc.

Distribution of Profits/Losses:

The agreement should also mention how the profits and losses of the business will be distributed among its various partners. This parameter is normally based on the percentage of ownership unless otherwise mentioned. It should also mention whether a partner is allowed to make a premature withdrawal from the company account and in what conditions.

Powers and duties of partners:

This will include the details of various powers assigned to each partner of the firm. The duties and responsibilities of each partner must also be mentioned clearly.


It is also important to establish a decision-making process that will be followed by each partner of the company. This should clearly mention whose decision will be final and how crucial business decisions are to be made.

Dissolution Deed of Partnership:

Business partnerships may be dissolved when a partner decides to leave the business or when a partner dies. It is recommended to form a partnership dissolution deed in advance which will mention the details of how to end the partnership and divide assets accordingly.

Resolving disagreements & disputes:

It is natural for partnership businesses to come across situations when one or more partners disagree about a certain point or decision. In some cases, major business disputes even end up heading to court. The partnership agreement, therefore, should have a clause mentioning a procedure to be followed to resolve such conflicts.

Current Bank Account

To open a current bank account for a firm needs the following documents:

1. Company Incorporation Certificate
2. PAN card of the Firm
3. Address Proof of the firm
4. ID proofs of all the partners
5. Partnership registration certificate (if the partnership has been registered)
6. Any registration document issued by central or state government (normally GST certificate is submitted)
7. Copy of electricity bill, Water & Telephone bill(not more than 3 months old)
8. Authorisation letter on the letterhead of the firm authorizing a partner as an authorized signatory for the bank account.

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Apart from the partnership agreement, there are some other useful legal documents that should be acquired to ensure a smooth business partnership. This may include the following Legal Documents For Business Partnership.

Partnership deed for dissolution: As explained above.
Confidentiality Agreement: To keep private information secure and preserve the confidentiality of each partner.
Letter of Intent: An informal agreement with an overview of the key terms of the partnership.
Employment Contract: It mentions the duties and obligations of business employees and partners, such as profits, pays, leaves, probation period, notice period, termination, etc.
Agreement of Sales of Goods/ Supply of Services: To acknowledge customers of their rights and obligations.
Terms of Use: for your business and website
Privacy Policy: To protect the privacy of your website and personal data.

It is recommended to seek the help of a professional attorney to know more about various documents required for a business partnership.

Positive and Negative Impact of a Business Partnership

Positive and Negative Impact

A partnership seems like the best option when you have a wonderful business idea but not enough resources to actually implement that idea. Partnerships are usually formed when two or more people decide to contribute to the success of one business. It is crucial for all the partners of a business to have the same goal to ensure success. Their talents should complement each other such that they can form a good business team.

A partnership is a good business option in many cases, but not in all. It has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to know them before deciding to form a business partnership.

Positive Impacts Of Partnership

A partnership is a good business choice for many reasons. It helps you find the necessary skills and/or resources without having to pay for it. It also improves your business’s decision-making process and helps you make better decisions. Below are some of the most noticeable benefits of a business partnership.

More Resources:

More partners simply mean more money and resources for business. Capital is one of the basic reasons why many businesses choose to go for a partnership. If you can grow sufficient resources within partners, you won’t have to take a business loan or any other credit in the name of the business. And even if you do, partnership increases your borrowing capacity.

Better Decision Making:

Partnerships increase your decision making capability as there are more people to discuss with before a decision is made. A partnership usually involves people with different skills, knowledge and experience level, who can all contribute to come up with the best decision in any type of situation.

New Contacts:

New partners bring new contacts and new potential customers to your business. When two or more people come together to start a business, it is normal for them to use their existing contacts for the growth of the common business.

Responsibility Sharing:

Among all other things, responsibilities are also shared between the partners of a business. This allows them to make most of their time and abilities. This way, all business responsibilities and burden do not fall on a single person, and everyone can work best according to their skills.

Tax relaxation:

Partnership based businesses are usually not required to pay taxes, as each partner mentions in his own personal tax return the profits and losses of his business. So, there is no separate taxation for the business.

Easy to form and change:

Business partnerships are easy to form as there are no special laws for them, and these can be started with minimal paperwork. It is also easy to change the rules and terms of partnership in the future. Or if one of the partners decides to leave, it can also be arranged easily.

Negative Impacts of Partnership

Not all business partnerships end well. Sometimes, a partnership formed for the good of business may end up destroying much more. Below are explained some of the most common disadvantages of business partnerships.

Profit sharing:

Profits of the business are supposed to be shared equally among all partners. This may cause an issue when one or more partners are either not contributing or assumed to be not contributing their share of efforts and/or time.


It is common to have a difference of opinions or even different views of different partners, but this creates a major issue when there arises a disagreement between partners. No matter the origin or cause of disagreement, it is known to have destroyed several business partnerships and can do the same for yours. It not only harms the business but also your personal relationship with that person.

One Entity:

A partnership business is treated as one entity for all business transactions, irrespective of the number of partners. All partners of the business are liable for any actions, debts, transactions, and everything else within the business capabilities.

The Risk of Dissolution:

You can never be sure when one of your partners decides to leave the business or to end the partnership for any reason. This dissolution of business effectively ends the business partnership forcing you to value the business assets and divide them accordingly.

Freedom of Choice:

With a partnership business, you cannot make a company decision by yourself. Each business decision is supposed to be made by consulting all partners. You are still free to share your ideas but you cannot make a managerial decision unless all partners agree to it.

Business Decisions:

One of the most significant disadvantages of business partnerships is that the decisions are made by the business partners or the company board and those decisions are usually final which everyone is required to accept whether they like it or not. This even applies to the actual owner or founder/s of the company.

More Tax:

A partnership business is usually not liable to tax but individuals partners are supposed to pay business taxes on their own. This may sometimes increase the overall tax amount paid by the partnered entity.

Is Business Partnership a Right Choice to Ensure Business Growth?

Business Partnership

The More the Merrier. This saying may be true in most of the cases, but is it also true when it comes to business partnerships? The first question that comes to mind is whether the partnership will work or not. Even if you manage to find someone who shares the same thoughts and ideas as you, there is no guarantee that the partnership will work in the long run. The most important question to ask here is whether a business partnership is a right way to grow your business. Let’s try to find out.

Business partnership and its types

A business partnership can be defined as ‘a contract between two or more persons sharing a single business with the common goal of profit.’ Each partner of the company is liable to contribute to all business aspects of money, efforts, skill, and property. At the same time, each partner is liable to share in the losses and profits of the business entity.

There are three basic types of business partnerships in trend.

Here we describe three type of business partnership with their features, to help you to decide which type of partnership suit your business.


Where a dealer takes the responsibility to promote your products and generate leads, of course, in return to a commission based profit mechanism.

Promotion partners:

These are the ones who will increase the popularity of your products/services in the target market and send potential customers to your website.

Social good partnership:

Business partnerships are most beneficial for the startups and small companies that do not usually have the sufficient resources and/or time to implement an idea or product effectively. A partnership is definitely a way to grow your business, but it has its own complications. First, it is not often easy to find the perfect match to become your partner. And even if you manage to find someone like that, you’ll have to define the partnership goals and various practical matters to ensure growth.

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You seek out for a partner in one of the following cases:

  • When you are no longer able to continue to business alone
  • You are looking for an easy investment option
  • You need someone who has the knowledge that you do not possess but need to succeed, like your other-half, knowledge-wise.
  • You see an opportunity to grow your own brand by partnering with an already reputed company.
  • You can make quick money by becoming a dealer/distributor for a brand.
  • You need resources that are either too costly or impractical but essential for the growth of your business.

Benefits of Business Partnerships

If you are still not sure whether a business partnership is a good choice for your business right now, read here about the major advantages of partnerships to get a better grip on the subject.


The main motive of most of the business partnerships is to arrange easy and fast money. Of course, it has its conditions like sharing of profits and ownership, but a partnership is the best option when you are in desperate need of resources and/or budget.

Access to new audiences:

It usually takes years for businesses to build a regular audience-base, which you can get for free by partnering with an existing company. It is important that the other company deals in the same industry as yours so that you can use their audiences to market your products as well.

Fast Marketing:

Promotional or distribution based partnerships are the best when you are looking for fast ways to market your goods. Since you are being paid a commission for every sale or you are paying the profit commission to your business partners, it will eventually result in more sales and better reach of business products.

Brand popularity:

As a new brand, you may not have a reputation in the market. By associating your name with an existing brand, you can build contacts, customers, and trust that are the basics to grow in any industry. As a business partner of a good company, you can use their reputation to grow your own.

Skill partners:

Apart from money partners, you can also make skill partners who will bring the necessary skills and knowledge to your business. You cannot possibly know everything, no matter how much you desire. A partnership is the best way to fill the knowledge gap without having to recruit paid workers.

Effects of Partnerships on the Growth of Business

The ultimate aim of a business partnership is to improve the growth rate of the business.

Once you find the right partner and decide to build a business partnership, you will have to define common business goals that you both want to achieve. This is the only way to ensure a definite growth for your business. Make sure that your business goals are in symmetry, at least for the term of the partnership. It is also important to clearly define the profit scenario, depending on the type of partnership you are constituting. There must also be an exit strategy where one of the partners can leave the company under certain conditions and by fulfilling some duties.

Only a properly formed business partnership can prove beneficial for all the involved parties. A partnership is definitely the right way to grow your business. It is like seeking help when you are not able to do something yourself, alone.

In the end, it is your choice whether you really need a business partner to grow your business or not. If you are concerned about the success of partnerships, don’t be. There are many big brands that are results of solid partnerships. SAG Infotech is one such example of this type of business model. You can also be a part of this great endeavor of SAG Infotech by joining hands with us for our latest GST App and Software, and by becoming partner under these programs.

8 Steps to Make Your Business GST-Ready

business ready for GST

Ever since the launch of GST in India, it has been the single point of conversation for common people and businesspersons in the country. Whereas businesses are worried about how to implement GST into their existing tax (accounting) system, the common man is worried whether GST will increase or decrease the tax charged on goods and services of daily use.

In this article, we will be dealing with the first problem to teach businesses how to get themselves GST-ready. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will replace all the previous state and Center taxes such as VAT, Service tax, excise duty, etc. The biggest change will be in the way SMEs used to file tax returns for their services and supplies. Follow these tutorial steps and make your business GST-ready.

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Some Amazing Things to Make Your Business Ready for GST

Business Registration

As per GST rules, a businessperson is required to register his/her business in every state where he has an office or any kind of place of operations. It is not mandatory to register in multiple states if you are only providing services there but do not have a business place in all those states.

Read and get informed about GST

Unless you are planning to outsource your business tax tasks to a professional, you need to get yourself familiar with the billing and e-filing processes under GST regime. Fortunately, there are several online resources including the official GST portal, GST Mobile Apps, GST Softwares, GST Blogs, tutorials, etc. where you can read more about GST to prepare yourself for the new tax mechanism.

Change your IT Systems

Update or replace your existing information technology systems for GST tax billing, invoices, and online return filing. It is also convenient to buy a GST Taxation software to automate the billing and other processes. At the least, you need to integrate your customer data, tax codes, HSN codes for your supplies, etc. into your IT operations to effectively generate GST compatible reports.

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Classify your transactions under GST

GST has many provisions and specific rules for different goods and services. Businesses will have to classify their products and services to be taxed under the right categories and provisions. The GST rules may differ based on the type of product, location, and industry. Read about GST rates, codes, etc. for your particular products/service, or take help from a professional CA.

Upgrade your business or make changes

GST is going to impact each of your business processes, no matter the kind. You may have to upgrade or change some or all of these processes including manufacturing, supply, trade, exports, etc. The tax rates for some business processes, places and supplies may go up while for others tax rate may go down. You need to get ready for all these changes.

Change in contracts for customers and vendors

Under GST, businesses will require maintaining separate invoices and bills for the transactions that took place in different states to maintain separate credit pool for each state. It was not required in the previous tax system. Businesses are therefore needed to collect the services’ invoice in the same place where credit should be liable. This may need you to make some changes in the existing contracts of your customers and vendors.

Define new product prices

Before GST, product prices and margins for different parties used to be defined on the basis of value-added tax (VAT) applicable on the sale price. Since there will be new tax rates under GST, businesses may have to redefine the rates for their goods and services to ensure valid margins after tax deduction.

Input Tax Credits

GST also has the provisions of input tax credit that you can claim against the already paid taxes on the supply of the same commodity. The three types of GST tax, IGST, CGST, and SGST are interchangeable for tax credits.

Business can claim credit for their already tax paid stocks. Since all the new and old stocks will now be considered under GST, businesses can claim for credit against their already paid tax amounts.

It is crucial for businesses to quickly and properly implement GST into their operations as this will affect not only their own working but also the economy of the country.

GEN GST Software: An Innovative Tool To Help CA In GST Regime


Goods and Service Tax (GST), which was recently launched in India, is expected to change the whole taxation system in the country. The change will affect not only the working of the various businesses but also the way CA professionals help these businesses with their tax requirements. It is now more important than ever for Chartered Accountants (CAs) to get acquainted with the new tax regime if they want to continue providing their services to businesses in the post-GST era. To better understand the working of the new GST based tax system, one should first know how the new system is different from the old one.

In the post-GST regime, the demand for CAs is increasing rapidly. But it is essential for these CAs to have proper knowledge of the tax filing and returns processes under the new tax system. Many SMEs have already started approaching their consultants for support and guidance with the implementation of GST in their business. Even though this creates a big opportunity for CAs, this opportunity comes with a challenge. Chartered Accountants are required to adapt themselves to the new GST based tax regime if they want to grow further in this area.Thankfully, there are many free GST app and software available online to help make the GST learning and transition process easier for both the businesses and consultants.

With the government allowing businesses to settle their previous pending tax for the old stocks by claiming Input Tax Credit (ITC), taxpayers are seeking the help of their accountants to quickly and effectively resolve the situation so that everyone can move forward.

Opportunities for CAs in the GST System

The role of a Chartered Accountant is same in the post-GST system as it was in the pre-GST era, but the difference is that people and businesses are not yet much familiar with the new tax system so, they are completely relying on their consultants to guide them through the process. A Chartered Accountant, who properly understands the laws and regulations of the GST system, can effectively help his/her clients to transit from the old system to the new tax regime.

Since CAs are finance and accounting people, they are most likely to have the working knowledge of the GST system, even if not the practical experience. With a little practice and help of online tools like GEN GST software, any CA can achieve the level where he/she can effectively help clients to understand and implement this new tax system. The demand for the CAs is only going to increase even further now as the last date for GST registration and tax filing approaches fast. All kinds of businesses are seeking help from professional accountants to get enrolled in GST.

Now that it is officially restricted for each business to have only one authorized agent to manage all their GST registration, filing, and tax return related tasks, the demand for CAs and professional consultants is only going to increase in the GST regime.

Following are some of the specific roles and responsibilities of CAs in the post-GST system.

1. Qualified CAs will be required by people to guide them through the right procedure since most people have very little knowledge of GST.

2. GST is in the initial stages of its implementation. Hence, CAS with proper knowledge of GST system will be able to support taxpayers with GST advice, registration, return filing and other processes.

3. CA will be required by businesses to maintain their electronic ledger accounts on the GST portal.

4. Regular filing of returns and input credit management will keep the demand of CAs open under the new tax regime.

How Gen GST Software Can Help CAs to Reduce Their GST Stress

To make it easier for Chartered Accountants to understand and get familiar with the tax return filing and other processes in the GST system, we have created this wonderful GEN GST Software. This is a complete GST accounting and taxation software for CAs and small businesses who are looking for a GST billing and filing alternative. GEN GST software allows you to easily create invoices, file returns, create masters for your clients, and make tax payments through a secure online payment gateway.


Download the setup for Gen GST software, visit the following link:

SAG Infotech Launches Gen GST Billing and E-filing Software

SAG Infotech Launches Gen GST Billing and E-filing Software

SAG Infotech finally launches its much-anticipated GST billing software in accordance with the latest technology and features to fulfill the promise of its strong dealer base and a network of the small businessman. The GST software has been tried and tested for the usage of every businessman whether small or big, giving them overall productivity to file their returns on time every time.

The software has a complete package of product features which can be employed at every business unit small or large giving a maximum efficiency to all the GST billing and e-filings. Some of the highly advanced features are:

Platform Independent

Our Gen GST Software will be completely platform independent and it will be available on all Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, and the Web.

Java, Highly Secured Language

We bring Java which has some of a fascinating features or benefits that are impossible to find in any other programming languages or platforms and Security is one of them.

e-Filing using any Channel

Through this software user will have multiple options to file the Return like user can select from which GSP/ASP he/she want to go with.

Billing for Goods and Services

This feature gives facility of customizing billing. From this feature, the user can import data for the return purpose and from this user need not to re-punch the data again and again for the same purpose. Our GST software can simplify your billing and save your time and money.


User can do e-filing of return & invoice through various modes like department portal, GSP/ASP and through directly GST portal.

Auto Error Identification

For the user, it is always very hard to find records with error but in our software user just need to click on the error and our software automatically take the user to the exact point of the error.

SMS/Email Facility to Clients

The user can send notifications to their respective clients about the status of e-file return, whether it is pending and what is the reason of pendency.

Find our software features and price at the link given below (free GST Software Demo Video also available):

And to download the setup for Gen GST software visit the following like:

Features of Gen GST Software Online (Cloud Version)

Features of Gen GST Software Online (Cloud Version)

The Gen GST software, powered by SAG Infotech is one ultimate remedy of your every issue regarding the latest tax regime of India. Last time we described the features of Gen GST software for desktop and this time we come with the Cloud version. The software offers many features and facilities to cure your taxation problems in an easy and effective manner.

The highlighting features of the Gen GST software include:

  1. Advance Technology

  • Platform Independent

It is an entire platform-independent software, which makes it capable of working on Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, as well as the Web platform. It will also be available for multi-operating systems such as Windows/Linux/Mac, still, it needs hosting to work online.

  • Java, Highly Secured Language

The software has been built on Java, which is believed to be the most secure programming language. Being the most secure programming language, Java has also been used for the development of many other government websites and has played a fabulous performance in security aspects.

  • e-Filing using any Channel

It allows the user to file returns via multiple options, such as GSP or ASP. The user also has an option to choose a direct mode for filing a return which is via GST Portal.

  • Sync facility is also Available

If a person uses the online version as well as the desktop version of the software then the work done on any of them will be automatically synchronized with the other one.

  • Mobile Application

Some of the features can also be accessed by the mobile application of the software like checking the data uploaded by your client and modify/correct that data with all ease.

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  1. Creation of Masters

The software also comes with Master Creation facility, under which, a user will be able to assign masters in almost every database. After creating masters, the user will not have to enter the same data, again and again, anywhere in the software.

This facility includes two more options dubbed as Data Merging and Delete the Masters, in which Data Merging is used to merge the similar kind/format of data/word/phrase to make the database more organized, while Delete the Masters is used to delete the created masters, which are no longer in use.

  1. Invoice Facility

  • Invoicing for Goods and Services

This feature of the software helps the user in customizing bills, as it allows him/her to import data for the return purpose, by which user will not need to re-enter same data again and again for the same purpose.

  • Debit Credit Note

It provides detailed reports of invoices, debit notes, credit notes and revised invoices For sales & purchases.

  • Shipping Bill

The software can also be used to prepare your shipping bills of entire sales and foreign shipments with custom and excise details.

  • Advance Receipt

The software also provides the advance receipt and overall GST on it.

  • e-Way Bill

It also helps in generating e-way bills straight from the booking window to make instant attachments.

  • Industry Specific Billing Format

It is one of the most unique features of Gen GST Software, which will offer reliability to create customized billing format based on your industry. So, no matter what is your industry type, this software will provide you billing format according to your industry requirement as per the GST Guidelines in it.

  1. e-Filing

  • e-Filing

Gen GST also helps user the e-filing of return & invoicing via various modes such as department portal, GSP/ASP and via directly GST portal.

  • Invoice Uploading

The user is also allowed to upload the invoices any time according to his/her convenience such as on daily basis, on weekly basis, or on the monthly basis.

  • Match Mismatch Report Notification

By using Gen GST, the user will also be able to share the Match Mismatch reports with his/her counterparty/respective seller-receiver.

  • Auto Error Identification

Finding an error in a document is undoubtedly a tough task, but it becomes easy while using this software. Gen GST also comes with a facility for finding errors of the document in just a single click, which will save your time as well as time consumption.

  1. Import-Export Facilities

  • Import Facility From Renowned Accounting Software

Gen GST also allows you to import data from any other accounting software, by which you will not have to enter same data again and again.

  • Import and Export in Excel

The user can easily import different GST return & invoice from Excel format to the software and vice versa with the help of this software. To make it more comfortable, the company has also provided customize the template in the software.

  • Import and Export from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN

The software also allows a user to directly import/export the pre-decided excel template provided by the GSTN, by which, he/she will not need to search for any other connectivity.

  • Import From e-File (JSON)

With the help of this software, the user will also be able to import the JSON file generated by any software or any utility to the GST software.

  • Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN

The software also comes with the facility of filing directly to the GST Portal. It can also redirect the user directly to the GST Portal if required.

  • Import From Invoice Section

The billing feature of this software allows you to directly import the billing data into GSTR1 and later, can upload it on the department’s website.

  1. SMS/Email Facility to Clients

Gen GST allows the user to send notifications regarding the status of e-file return to their respective clients.

  1. Unique Client Authentication Mechanism

The software is basically made from the perspective of a CA and is capable of fulfilling all of his/her requirements. The online version of the software allows CA to insert, modify and delete the existing data. It provides a facility for making an unlimited number of clients to the CA by giving them unique authentication number.

  1. Registration

This software also provides various registration forms, with the help of which, any client or professionals can register themselves under GST at the GST Portal.

  1. e-Payment

It also allows e-payment, by which user will be able to make online payments without any technical knowledge.

  1. Input Tax Credit

Keeping the user convenience in mind, the software is also capable of calculating your tax liability automatically, which can be directly adjusted from your Net Tax Liability.

  1. Advance Security

  • User Right

Under this software, all the rights are associated with the admin. Only admin of the software can assign rights to limit the controls of the software, to limit the view of the software, to limit the page-wise control rights.

  • Client/Year Wise Password Protection

Under this feature, users will be capable of protecting the whole yearly data or any particular client data with a unique password.

  • Return Lock Facility

This facility offers the power, by which user will be capable of locking the returns according to the return status of the particular return.

  • Log

This feature will provide you detailed Log about when, how, and by whom this software was used in terms of modifying, inserting, and deleting. Moreover, the admin will also have a facility of checking out the separate list of each user’s log.

  1. Interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports

The feature in the Gen GST software will provide a facility to view date wise reports for the purpose of cross-checking.

  1. General Features

  • Help

This feature in the software is basically housed to guide any newbie throughout the working of it.

  • Backup/Restore

This feature will protect you your data from partial or total loss. It will take a backup of your stored data and in any case of mishappening will restore it back on your system without any loss.

  • SEPs (Suggestions/Errors/Problems)

Under this feature, users will be able to give any type of suggestions related to the software. The user can also report if he/she finds any error or problem in the software by using this feature.

  • Customize Theme

By using this feature, the user will be able to change the color or theme of the software according to his/her choice.