Gen GST Software Review – Know Why it’s Best GST Software in India

Gen GST by SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd is an all-inclusive GST e-filing and billing software application designed to make it easier and faster for individuals and businesses in India to file GST returns and perform other related tasks.

The software comprises of many advanced features and functionalities including GST return filing, invoicing and billing, record keeping, e-payment and more. It also provides a direct gateway to the online GST portal so that users can easily export their data from the software to their online GST accounts.

It also provides a direct gateway to the online GST portal so that users can easily export their data from the software to their online GST accounts.

The Goods & Services Tax (GST) was implemented in India only a few months ago, and many software companies have already launched their GST applications to provide support to taxpayers.

It is a good thing that there are mobile and web-based GST applications available to assist people with their GST procedures, but the availability of so many options may confuse buyers who are looking for a specific GST solution. Therefore, we are here trying to provide you with an honest review of Gen GST software so that you can make the decision yourself.

Best Features Price Structure Technical Specifications

Best Features of Gen GST Software

Different buyers may have different intentions behind the purchase of a Best GST Software program. Whereas normal taxpayers/businesses may want to buy the software for filing their monthly/quarterly/yearly tax returns, a CA (Chartered Accountant) or lawyer will intend to use the software for filing multiple returns for a number of clients. You may be looking for a best GST software in India that does what you need, but most of all, it should be able to do its basic function properly, that is, enabling the user to file their GST returns easily and without errors. Gen GST does that!

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Gen GST application has the following key features:

GST Registration: The software allows all types of GST registrations including normal registration, composition scheme, voluntary registration and more with suitable forms.

GST Return filing: Easy and hassle-free filing of all GST returns including GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3 & 3B, GSTR-4 and so on, with direct data uploading to the GST Portal.

Platform Independent: The web version of Gen GST works smoothly across all the browsers and devices. The Gen GST desktop and mobile variants work on specific compatible devices.

Third-Party Import-Export: Gen GST allows importing files/data from and exporting to popular third-party applications like Tally and also from Excel, Microsoft Word, and other programs.

GST Billing & Invoicing: The businesses can use this software for creating GST compliant invoices and bills for all types of GST and non-GST supplies. It can create the following GST documents:

  1. GST invoices
  2. GST-compliant and/or non-GST bills
  3. Debit/Credit Notes
  4. e-Way bill
  5. Shipping bill
  6. Advance receipt voucher
  7. Refund voucher
  8. Customized bills, specific to the industry

Inbuilt Validation and Error Reporting: The tool has an inbuilt option to validate the returns for errors, and if an error is found, it prompts the user to correct it before proceeding.

Automatic Backups: Once enabled, Gen GST will create regular, automatic backups of your data, reports and everything else in the software which you can restore in case of accidental data loss, crash, etc.

Easy Synchronization: The software is available in three variants – mobile, web and desktop, which all are perfectly capable of synchronizing with each other for exchange of data.

Reporting: The software has a robust reporting and analysis mechanism which will create automatic monthly reports of your GST activity, filing, tax payments, etc.

SMS/Email Integration: There is also the inbuilt messaging feature through which you can send SMS/email to other users or client along with attached files, reports, etc.

Multi-user Sign-in: The paid version of Gen GST lets you make unlimited accounts, create unlimited invoices and file unlimited returns for as many users as you want.

High-level Security: The security of Gen GST is powered by a strong JAVA based development environment. Other security mechanisms include encrypted e-payments, password protection, server backups, unique client authentication and more.

Creation of Masters: The software also has an inbuilt option for creating master records of any frequent data. The masters can be used multiple times throughout the application.

e-Payment of Taxes: Last but not least, the integrated payment mechanism of Gen GST allows users to pay their pending taxes directly to GST portal from within the software.

Support and Guidance: There are available many Gen GST software guides, a dedicated GST helpline app, videos and other materials to help taxpayers file returns and perform other tasks on this software.

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Price Structure of Gen GST Software

Gen GST is certainly one of the best GST software in Indian market. See the GST Software Price options below and decide yourself.

Software Variant Price GSTIN Limit Update Frequency/Fee
Desktop INR 5000 Unlimited INR 2000/Per Year
Cloud/Online – Free version Free for one GSTIN 1 Not needed
Cloud/Online – Paid version Starts from INR 19999 Unlimited Not needed
Mobile app INR 10000 Unlimited Not needed

There is no other GST software application in the market that provides this many features at such low rates. You can try and compare Gen GST with other GST software programs in the market; it will certainly stand out the competition. Moreover, the application is backed by a strong support system comprising of a team of GST specialists, CAs and experts who are available 24*7 to help users with all their queries and doubts.

Gen GST – Technical Specifications

  • Deployment – Web-based and installation based (mobile and desktop)
  • API – No
  • Mobile App – Yes, Android & iOS
  • Languages Support – English
  • Customization – Yes
  • OS Compatibility – Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac
  • Development language – JAVA


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