Most Important FAQs and Their Answers About Gen GST Software

Gen GST is a widely popular GST software that enables users and businesses to create GST compliant bills/invoices and file e-returns of GST taxes. It is a complete GST software with many advanced features like unlimited e-filing, secure payment gateway, auto error detection, cloud and desktop versions, dedicated mobile app and more. While hundreds of businesses and Chartered Accountants have already started using this software for easy tax filing, they might have some questions in mind about the unique features and limitations of the software.

Gen GST Software Faqs

Here, you will find answers to the common and most frequently asked questions about Gen GST Software.

1. What is Gen GST software and What is it used for?

A. Gen GST is a Goods & Service Tax filing and billing software developed by SAG Infotech. The application was developed with the purpose of helping people to easily file tax returns under the GST regime. The software is compatible with major OS platforms and consists of a number of features and functionalities including mobile app compatibility, data backup, bill creation, unlimited e-return filing and more.

2. Does your GEN GST software complies with all the rules and regulates given by GST council?

A. Yes, our software complies with latest norms and regulation of goods and services tax and compliance regulated by the GST council of India.

3. Does this software support filing of the GSTR-3B tax return?

A. Yes, Gen GST has an inbuilt mechanism for filing the GSTR-3B form for tax returns. The facility is available with the Gen GST desktop application which you can download and start using right away.

4. Does it have any data backup and restore program for protection against accidental data loss?

A. Yes. Gen GST has a cloud version through which all the user data is automatically backed-up and saved on our secure servers from where you can restore/recover any of your lost data. The desktop application also supports data backup facility after synchronization with the cloud.

5. How do I get Gen GST software?

A. You can download and use the trial version of Gen GST from our website. If you like the free version, you can purchase the full software by paying a small amount. The software will be available to you in the following three versions.

Cloud version: You will be given a unique ID and password which you can use to access our GST software online (on the cloud). All your data and settings will be stored in the cloud. The online version gives you the freedom to use the software anytime from anywhere.

PC Suite: On purchase of the Gen GST software, you get a PC suite version which is ready to be installed and used on your desktop computer. The PC version provides the same functionality and features as the cloud app.

Downloadable software: Gen GST software will also be provided to you in a downloadable file format along with the activation key which you can use on any compatible device.

All the three versions of the software can be synchronized to exchange data with each other. There is also available a separate mobile application that you can purchase if needed.

6. Are there any other features in Gen GST?

A. Gen GST is one of the most feature-rich GST billing software you will find in the market. The long list of unique features includes highly-secure JAVA coding, cross-platform compatibility, data import/export facility, synchronization with the cloud, automatic updates, data backup and restore, database encryption and password security, unlimited clients and returns, etc.

7. Does this software support GST compliant billing?

A. Yes, Gen-GST has the facility for creating GST compliant bills and invoices for any industry. It can even import data directly from the billing while filing tax returns online. It is now mandatory for dealers and shopkeepers to issue GST compliant bills and invoices, and Gen GST software can help you produce the right formats.

8. Can Gen GST Software import data from other resources/locations?

A. Yes, the software provides support to several third-party accounting software and can import data directly from them. So, even if you are using an accounting software of any other company, you can import your data to Gen GST directly from your current app. It also supports import from Excel for GST return filing and export to Excel for the purpose of record saving.

9. Do I get a free demo of Gen GST?

A. Yes, the free demo of the software is available on the website. You can register and download the free demo to get an idea of how Gen GST actually works. The demo application may have limited features as compared to the actual software.

10. What are the services provided by Gen GST?

A. Gen GST is a complete tax software that provides all GST related services including billing and invoicing, online tax return filing, accounting, GST ledger management, notification and updates, account reconciliation, tax liability and Input Tax Credit (ITC) calculation, e-payment of taxes and more.

11. Can I use Gen GST for free?

A. Yes, there is a free-version of Gen GST software that you can download and use on your desktop. It is usable only for a short period and comes with a limited number of features. If you are a frequent user or want to register multiple clients, we recommend buying the full Gen GST version that gives you access to all of its unique features along with unlimited e-filing capability.
The cloud version of Gen GST is also free to use but only for one GSTIN or for a single business/person.

12. What are the future possibilities of support and assistance related to the GEN GST software?

A. We are a strong organization based on at least 2 decades with trustful clients all over India, so we are definitely ready to serve your taxation and software needs and support in coming future with no doubt.

13. IS GEN GST software is able to handle multi-company model?

A. Yes, GEN GST is capable of handling multiple clients and their respective organizations with single ID along with offering for a further client base with GST requirements.

14. How many features and utilities are available in GEN GST software?

A. There are multiple features available in the GEN GST software to cater the needs of clients including GST billing and filing feature. Taxpayer and clients are also able to access their clients in the software with complete maintenance of the database.

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