7 Partnership Factors That Can Make or Break Your Business

A business partnership is a very common choice when you are looking to start a new business or expand the existing one. On the top, it may seem like a safe and brilliant idea to find a partner when you are in need of investment or resources or just the right company, but it actually has its downsides as well.

There are many factors that can help you achieve great success in the partnership, but if not tackled carefully, the same things might end up breaking your business. Read on to find out more about such things.


An honest and open relationship between partners is the foundation of any successful business partnership but It is very crucial for business partners to trust each other. A business is much like a relationship; if you do not trust your partner, you’ll never be at ease about them. Instead of choosing a new, unreliable partner, make partner with someone whom you know and trust well. The lack of trust among partners is harmful to the business as well as for the relationship. If you cannot trust them as a person, you’ll never be able to trust and respect their decisions, which will lead to conflicts in the business.


Businesses often neglect the importance of proper planning to find the right business partner. The planning should involve the things you can do to present yourself and your business as a strong venture in the eyes of the prospective partners. Let them see the positive points of your business and tell them how they can benefit by partnering with you. But make sure to provide only correct data and truths, otherwise, it may cause a big issue later on.


A business partner must essentially be someone who complements the skills you lack. Having a partner who has the exact same skills as you is generally of no use unless there is a great demand for that particular skill. You will be exhausted and even irritated if all of you are working on the same skill set. If you are looking for a partner for his skills and talent, make sure to choose the one who has what you don’t.

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It is also very crucial for business partners to have the same goal towards the company. Then only they can work for the same thing and think alike. It is natural for each person to have some personal goals and ambitions in mind, but they should not contradict with the business goals. And your partner and you should be able to prioritize the business if and when it comes to that. Make sure to keep checking on and revising your goals to ensure the success of the business.


It is natural for people to have expectations from others. But the easiest way to save yourself from disappointment is to keep moderated expectations so that your partner can surprise you more often with amazing work. You should know the limits and potential of your business partner and build your expectations accordingly, and you’ll never be disappointed. Otherwise, you will just keep bugging them about everything you expect them to do.


No matter how many skills or talent your partner have, it is all useless if he/she is not driven enough. That means, your partner should have a zeal towards the business. Even if your business partner is more of an investor than the doer, he should at least be engaged in the business by attending regular meetings and all. The interest in the business is what will keep all the partners motivated enough to go on, no matter what.


A partner should be able to adjust himself with other partners as well as according to the business situations. This applies to all the partners of the business including you. A business will often see ups and downs during its course, and partners need to be able to roll with the times.

To create a good balance in the partnership and make sure that it doesn’t harm the business, you should continuously evaluate yourself as you do with your partner, and change yourself if and when required.

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