SAG Infotech Launches Gen GST Billing and E-filing Software

SAG Infotech finally launches its much-anticipated GST billing software in accordance with the latest technology and features to fulfill the promise of its strong dealer base and a network of the small businessman. The GST software has been tried and tested for the usage of every businessman whether small or big, giving them overall productivity to file their returns on time every time.

The software has a complete package of product features which can be employed at every business unit small or large giving a maximum efficiency to all the GST billing and e-filings. Some of the highly advanced features are:

Platform Independent

Our Gen GST Software will be completely platform independent and it will be available on all Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, and the Web.

Java, Highly Secured Language

We bring Java which has some of a fascinating features or benefits that are impossible to find in any other programming languages or platforms and Security is one of them.

e-Filing using any Channel

Through this software user will have multiple options to file the Return like user can select from which GSP/ASP he/she want to go with.

Billing for Goods and Services

This feature gives facility of customizing billing. From this feature, the user can import data for the return purpose and from this user need not to re-punch the data again and again for the same purpose. Our GST software can simplify your billing and save your time and money.


User can do e-filing of return & invoice through various modes like department portal, GSP/ASP and through directly GST portal.

Auto Error Identification

For the user, it is always very hard to find records with error but in our software user just need to click on the error and our software automatically take the user to the exact point of the error.

SMS/Email Facility to Clients

The user can send notifications to their respective clients about the status of e-file return, whether it is pending and what is the reason of pendency.

Find our software features and price at the link given below (free GST Software Demo Video also available):

And to download the setup for Gen GST software visit the following like:

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