How To Generate GST Invoice With The Help Of Gen GST

How to Generate GST Invoice

For generating GST invoice, Gen GST is quite helpful and easy to use. Here is all about Gen GST software and how to use it in generating GST invoice.


When we open Gen GST software, the first submenu under the master menu comes across us is Bills containing more of headings such as Payment Voucher, Invoices, Advance As well.


Invoice is used as the commercial document when issuing from client to receiver, and concerning to a sale transaction. It is an important document required in supplies like rental, license, transfer, exchange, lease or disposal.

  • It is quite easy for a user to create the invoices utilizing customized setup and generate the same as well.
  • In order to create an invoice, the user has to initiate the setup first.
  • Under the Bills menu, click on setup tab and a new panel will be shown consisting Client and Setup tabs at the top of the window. First of all, a user has to choose the client from the Grid.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 1

  • By clicking on the setup tab, a new panel will be shown where the user will initiate with the making of invoices setup of the client. After selecting the information, the user proceeds further.

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How to Generate GST Invoice - 2

  • After furnishing the details in the invoice, click on services tab to furnish setup of services.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 3

  • After that, click on Goods to generate the setup of Goods.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 4

  • After creating Goods setup, click on the Invoice tab to create an Invoice. A new panel opens containing Goods, Services, Receiver, and Client tabs at the top of the window. Foremost, the user has to choose the client from Grid.
  • For user convenience, the facility of bill format also provided and the user is able to setup original format according to user convenience.

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How to Generate GST Invoice - 5

  • By clicking on the Reciever tab, the Receiver information will be displayed.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 6


  • To add a new receiver, click on the add button and it will open in the new panel where the availability of two options such as new and import, make us more convenient.
  • By selecting radio button of Import, the user can import the information of receiver such as Master, Client, Year, Seller from the drop-down list.
  • After choosing any type of option from a drop-down menu, a Status drop-down list is operable now from where a user chooses the status.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 7


  • A new panel opens and now it is convenient for the user to import the data.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 8

  • The other option is to choose the New radio button, then select the type such as short, description from the opened drop-down list. After selecting the type, a new panel opens where user furnishes the required details. After filing, save the details and move further.

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How to Generate GST Invoice - 9

  • After clicking the Goods tabs, the Goods information opens.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 10

  • In a new panel, a user is able to add details about goods such as invoice type, Dealer Type, Supply type, Memo Type, Bill Type, and then enter the information such as invoice no., discount etc. It is also possible to add multiple Goods in the same way.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 11

  • For the user flexibility, there is an option of multiple entries as well to make multiple entries of goods in a single screen.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 12

  • Further, save the entries and take print out for future purposes.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 13

  • By clicking on the Services tab, services details open.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 14

  • In a newly opened panel, the user can add services information such as Bill Type, Memo Type, RC%, Dealer Type, receiver name and furnish the information like Invoice No., Revise No., etc. It is also possible to add multiple addresses of the services. After saving your entries, you can keep the entries by taking print out.

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How to Generate GST Invoice - 15

  • For the user flexibility, there is an option of multiple entries as well to make multiple entries of goods in a single screen.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 16

  • Lastly, save the entries and take the print out.

How to Generate GST Invoice - 17

Other Features Of Gen GST Software:

  • Advanced Technology:

This software uses advanced technology based on java platform which provides a secure and independent platform to users.

  • Creation of Masters:

Masters data will assist the user to use the data for the future course and resist the duplicate and wrong data as well.

  • E-Filing

E-filing of various forms is possible with the Gen GST software including a match-mismatch report, auto error identification, reconciliation, and invoice uploading.

  • GST E-way Bill

Gen GST software makes it easy to generate, consolidate, validate and record E Waybill.

  • Import /Export Facility

With this facility, it is easy to transport tax data from any third party software such as Tally Excel & Direct, Busy Excel, Govt. Excel.

  • Unique Client Authentication Mechanism

With Gen GST, it is possible to create unlimited clients and provide client’s password as well.

  • Registration:

Registration under GST is easy with Gen GST for any kind of taxpayer like a composition, regular and practitioners.

  • E-Payment

The payment gateway is also secure enough and maintains challan register as well.

  • Input Tax Credit

The software calculates tax liability automatically and facilitates Net tax liability similarly.

  • Client-Wise Dashboard

This is the only software which provides segregation in client liability, return-wise list of clients, GSTR-1 Monthly/Quarterly and filed within Due Date or Not.

  1. It generates interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports.
  2. The general features include LAN Connectivity, backup/restore, SEP’s, Help, and Customize Theme.
  3. It is possible to inform Clients via SMS/Email Facility using this software.

SAG Infotech Launches Gen GST Billing and E-filing Software

SAG Infotech Launches Gen GST Billing and E-filing Software

SAG Infotech finally launches its much-anticipated GST billing software in accordance with the latest technology and features to fulfill the promise of its strong dealer base and a network of the small businessman. The GST software has been tried and tested for the usage of every businessman whether small or big, giving them overall productivity to file their returns on time every time.

The software has a complete package of product features which can be employed at every business unit small or large giving a maximum efficiency to all the GST billing and e-filings. Some of the highly advanced features are:

Platform Independent

Our Gen GST Software will be completely platform independent and it will be available on all Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, and the Web.

Java, Highly Secured Language

We bring Java which has some of a fascinating features or benefits that are impossible to find in any other programming languages or platforms and Security is one of them.

e-Filing using any Channel

Through this software user will have multiple options to file the Return like user can select from which GSP/ASP he/she want to go with.

Billing for Goods and Services

This feature gives facility of customizing billing. From this feature, the user can import data for the return purpose and from this user need not to re-punch the data again and again for the same purpose. Our GST software can simplify your billing and save your time and money.


User can do e-filing of return & invoice through various modes like department portal, GSP/ASP and through directly GST portal.

Auto Error Identification

For the user, it is always very hard to find records with error but in our software user just need to click on the error and our software automatically take the user to the exact point of the error.

SMS/Email Facility to Clients

The user can send notifications to their respective clients about the status of e-file return, whether it is pending and what is the reason of pendency.

Find our software features and price at the link given below (free GST Software Demo Video also available):

And to download the setup for Gen GST software visit the following like:

Features of Gen GST Software Online (Cloud Version)

Features of Gen GST Software Online (Cloud Version)

The Gen GST software, powered by SAG Infotech is one ultimate remedy of your every issue regarding the latest tax regime of India. Last time we described the features of Gen GST software for desktop and this time we come with the Cloud version. The software offers many features and facilities to cure your taxation problems in an easy and effective manner.

The highlighting features of the Gen GST software include:

  1. Advance Technology

  • Platform Independent

It is an entire platform-independent software, which makes it capable of working on Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, as well as the Web platform. It will also be available for multi-operating systems such as Windows/Linux/Mac, still, it needs hosting to work online.

  • Java, Highly Secured Language

The software has been built on Java, which is believed to be the most secure programming language. Being the most secure programming language, Java has also been used for the development of many other government websites and has played a fabulous performance in security aspects.

  • e-Filing using any Channel

It allows the user to file returns via multiple options, such as GSP or ASP. The user also has an option to choose a direct mode for filing a return which is via GST Portal.

  • Sync facility is also Available

If a person uses the online version as well as the desktop version of the software then the work done on any of them will be automatically synchronized with the other one.

  • Mobile Application

Some of the features can also be accessed by the mobile application of the software like checking the data uploaded by your client and modify/correct that data with all ease.

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  1. Creation of Masters

The software also comes with Master Creation facility, under which, a user will be able to assign masters in almost every database. After creating masters, the user will not have to enter the same data, again and again, anywhere in the software.

This facility includes two more options dubbed as Data Merging and Delete the Masters, in which Data Merging is used to merge the similar kind/format of data/word/phrase to make the database more organized, while Delete the Masters is used to delete the created masters, which are no longer in use.

  1. Invoice Facility

  • Invoicing for Goods and Services

This feature of the software helps the user in customizing bills, as it allows him/her to import data for the return purpose, by which user will not need to re-enter same data again and again for the same purpose.

  • Debit Credit Note

It provides detailed reports of invoices, debit notes, credit notes and revised invoices For sales & purchases.

  • Shipping Bill

The software can also be used to prepare your shipping bills of entire sales and foreign shipments with custom and excise details.

  • Advance Receipt

The software also provides the advance receipt and overall GST on it.

  • e-Way Bill

It also helps in generating e-way bills straight from the booking window to make instant attachments.

  • Industry Specific Billing Format

It is one of the most unique features of Gen GST Software, which will offer reliability to create customized billing format based on your industry. So, no matter what is your industry type, this software will provide you billing format according to your industry requirement as per the GST Guidelines in it.

  1. e-Filing

  • e-Filing

Gen GST also helps user the e-filing of return & invoicing via various modes such as department portal, GSP/ASP and via directly GST portal.

  • Invoice Uploading

The user is also allowed to upload the invoices any time according to his/her convenience such as on daily basis, on weekly basis, or on the monthly basis.

  • Match Mismatch Report Notification

By using Gen GST, the user will also be able to share the Match Mismatch reports with his/her counterparty/respective seller-receiver.

  • Auto Error Identification

Finding an error in a document is undoubtedly a tough task, but it becomes easy while using this software. Gen GST also comes with a facility for finding errors of the document in just a single click, which will save your time as well as time consumption.

  1. Import-Export Facilities

  • Import Facility From Renowned Accounting Software

Gen GST also allows you to import data from any other accounting software, by which you will not have to enter same data again and again.

  • Import and Export in Excel

The user can easily import different GST return & invoice from Excel format to the software and vice versa with the help of this software. To make it more comfortable, the company has also provided customize the template in the software.

  • Import and Export from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN

The software also allows a user to directly import/export the pre-decided excel template provided by the GSTN, by which, he/she will not need to search for any other connectivity.

  • Import From e-File (JSON)

With the help of this software, the user will also be able to import the JSON file generated by any software or any utility to the GST software.

  • Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN

The software also comes with the facility of filing directly to the GST Portal. It can also redirect the user directly to the GST Portal if required.

  • Import From Invoice Section

The billing feature of this software allows you to directly import the billing data into GSTR1 and later, can upload it on the department’s website.

  1. SMS/Email Facility to Clients

Gen GST allows the user to send notifications regarding the status of e-file return to their respective clients.

  1. Unique Client Authentication Mechanism

The software is basically made from the perspective of a CA and is capable of fulfilling all of his/her requirements. The online version of the software allows CA to insert, modify and delete the existing data. It provides a facility for making an unlimited number of clients to the CA by giving them unique authentication number.

  1. Registration

This software also provides various registration forms, with the help of which, any client or professionals can register themselves under GST at the GST Portal.

  1. e-Payment

It also allows e-payment, by which user will be able to make online payments without any technical knowledge.

  1. Input Tax Credit

Keeping the user convenience in mind, the software is also capable of calculating your tax liability automatically, which can be directly adjusted from your Net Tax Liability.

  1. Advance Security

  • User Right

Under this software, all the rights are associated with the admin. Only admin of the software can assign rights to limit the controls of the software, to limit the view of the software, to limit the page-wise control rights.

  • Client/Year Wise Password Protection

Under this feature, users will be capable of protecting the whole yearly data or any particular client data with a unique password.

  • Return Lock Facility

This facility offers the power, by which user will be capable of locking the returns according to the return status of the particular return.

  • Log

This feature will provide you detailed Log about when, how, and by whom this software was used in terms of modifying, inserting, and deleting. Moreover, the admin will also have a facility of checking out the separate list of each user’s log.

  1. Interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports

The feature in the Gen GST software will provide a facility to view date wise reports for the purpose of cross-checking.

  1. General Features

  • Help

This feature in the software is basically housed to guide any newbie throughout the working of it.

  • Backup/Restore

This feature will protect you your data from partial or total loss. It will take a backup of your stored data and in any case of mishappening will restore it back on your system without any loss.

  • SEPs (Suggestions/Errors/Problems)

Under this feature, users will be able to give any type of suggestions related to the software. The user can also report if he/she finds any error or problem in the software by using this feature.

  • Customize Theme

By using this feature, the user will be able to change the color or theme of the software according to his/her choice.