Why Choose Gen GST Software over Any Other GST Software in Industry

Ever since the launch of GST in India, the businesses of all kind are looking for an easy way to file online tax returns and create invoices/bills in compliance with GST laws. Even many professional CAs (Chartered Accountants) are struggling to understand the GST return filing process. To ease the GST billing and e-filing process, SAG Infotech has created this awesome Gen GST Software that allows you to easily create GST compliant invoices/bills and file returns online on GST portal.

SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd is a leading IT software company based in Jaipur, India. The firm is certified by ISI, CII, ASSOCHAM, and NASSCOM for its excellent services in the growth of the IT industry of the country. We specialize in developing software and applications for accounting, finance, banking and other related industries. Our CA Taxation software is being used by businesses not only in India, but overseas as well, and we continue receiving appreciations from our clients.

About Gen GST Software

Gen GST is a GST compliant taxation software launched by SAG Infotech for taxpayers in India. Within only a few days of its launch, the software has already started creating a buzz in the industry. Businesses and CAs are finding it really easy to create invoices and file GST returns using this amazing tool. Gen GST makes the process of billing and filing of tax really simple even for novice users who do not have much idea about the whole taxation system.

Among all the confusion and issues around GST compliance, Gen GST works as a charm to help smooth GST transition for you and your business. Have a look at the unique features and highlights of GEN GST that put us way ahead than any other GST software in the market.

Highlights of the Gen GST

Unlimited Client E-filing:

Gen GST is a blessing for CAs who wish to maintain tax details and file returns for all their clients by using a single tool. It allows you to file as many returns as you want for any number of clients.

Single Click e-Payment of Taxes:

With Gen GST, you can create bills, file returns and pay your taxes from a single platform in just a few clicks. The integration of online payment gateway makes it possible to pay taxes from within the tool.

Built in Highly Secured JAVA Language:

The online (cloud) variant of Gen GST has been developed in highly secure JAVA language to ensure a robust platform for the security of your personal data, applications, tax details, and transactions.

Choose any GSP/ASP for E-Filing Returns:

The Gen GST application is compatible with all the GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) platforms so you can file your return by selecting your favourite ASP/GSP from the list.

Free GST Software Available (SaaS):

The online GST software (SaaS) is completely free to use for return filing and billing. You can also download the free demo of our desktop application to get an idea of how Gen GST actually works.

Import Data in Returns from Billing:

One of the unique features of Gen GST is the option for importing data directly from billing details when filing returns so that you don’t have to fill each information and entry manually.

Auto Error Detection:

The software is equipped with an Auto Error Finder tool that automatically detects errors (spelling/grammatical/mathematical) in the entered information and notifies the user of the same.

Dedicated Mobile App:

In addition to the Gen GST desktop and cloud applications, you can also purchase Gen GST mobile app for Android/iOS that enables you to create GST bills and file returns using your mobile device.

Features of Gen GST software

Gen GST has some very unique and advanced features that you will not find in any other GST software in the market. It is a complete and probably the easiest solution to all your GST tax return filing and e-billing needs. Read further about the significant features that make Gen GST better than any other similar application.

Platform independent:

The cloud version of the software is fully platform independent while the software and mobile applications are designed to support compatible platforms.

Direct mode:

Taxpayers can choose the direct mode if they wish to file returns directly through GST Portal.


If you are using both our cloud application and desktop application variants, then your data will be auto synchronized in between two platforms on daily basis.

Error-free reporting:

you can see full, error-free, date-wise reports of all your activities, returns and bills/invoices, debit notes, credit notes, etc. through your dashboard.

Automatic invoice generation:

The software enables you to easily generate purchase invoices for unregistered dealers, debit/credit notes, payment vouchers, return voucher, receipts, advanced bills and e-way bills in GST-compliant format.

Easy Import-Export:

It allows importing data from Excel, e-file and invoice section and exporting data to Excel, GST Portal, client system and more.

Compatible with other accounting software:

Gen GST is compatible with many popular accounting applications to enable you to import data from your existing accounting software.

Advanced security:

The software implements some of the most advanced security measures like user right protection, password protection, return lock feature, and usage log to ensure complete safety of your data and applications.

LAN connectivity:

The desktop application of Gen GST software supports LAN connectivity feature through which you can share the connection with other computers in the same network.

Free GST Helpline:

Free GST Helpline is there to help you with all your GST related questions, queries and doubts. You can also contact our customer support for any kind of help.

Automatic backup/restore:

The integrated backup feature will automatically create backups of your database and software on daily/weekly basis to provide enhanced protection.

Feedback facility:

There is a dedicated option through which users can share their suggestions and feedbacks and report any error or problem in the software.

Theme customization:

You can even customize the color, theme and interface of the software according to your interest.

Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are many other features and applications of Gen GST that you can better understand by using the software. So, go ahead and give it a try.


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