Gen GST Software: Secured GST e-Filing & Billing Software India

  • Unlimited Client E-filing with DSC/EVC (GSTR 1, 3B, 4, 2 etc.)
  • GST Software Available in Desktop & Online
  • Auto Error Detection & Error Summary
  • User-wise Rights, Return & Invoice Status
  • Generate Invoice for Regular & RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) Dealers
  • Easy to Generate GST E Way Bill
  • Single Click e-Payment of Taxes
  • Import Data Facility in Returns from Billing
Installation Starts at INR 5000*
Updation Starts at INR 2000 *
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Gen GST Software India
Gen GST Rating Overall Rating is 4.5 out of 5.0 for Gen GST Software

The Gen GST software is designed and developed by SAG Infotech PVT LTD (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) and is available in both Desktop and Online variants. The desktop variant is based on .NET Platform and the Online Variant is based on highly secured JAVA language. Our GST software (Billing and Returns Filing) is OS independent (Online) which means that regardless of OS running on the system, the software is all set to work and operate on the desktop right away from the installation. The Gen GST software is available for free download or anyone can avail online GST SaaS service working on the cloud, accessible anytime anywhere giving on-the-spot assistance to the small businesses in India for GST billing and e-filing purpose. Download free Demo.

The company has prepared multiple GST software modules that enables GST tax filing and invoicing work faster and easier all with the help of software. GST return filing is done online and the payments are accepted via Net Banking, Credit/Debit card, so considering the safety measures for professionals, the software will be integrated with secure payment gateways for secure payment transactions. As currently, there is a need several GST returns filing per year, which accounts for GSTR 1, GSTR 3B and GSTR 4, etc making the task complex so to overcome this issue, the Gen GST software is compliant with every government prerequisites. Also, our GST billing software has the best user-interface presenting each and every feature displayed onboard used on day to day basis. Indian businesses can generate specific invoicing format along with sales and purchase invoice, e-way bills, payment voucher, refund voucher, credit note/debit note, shipping bill, purchase RCM and more productive features by our billing software

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What's New In Our GST Software

  • GSTR-1 amendment facility
  • Delete all data of GSTR-1 from portal
  • GST credit register-Net ITC available after reversal
  • Get filing status of GSTR 1, GSTR 3B in bulk
  • GST credit register (calculation of credit as per rules 37(2), 42 & 43)
  • Resolve errors before final uploading based upon GSTIN, POS & Inter-Intra, match mismatch with schema validation along with error report (Zip) file
  • Import data from excel of Tally, Busy, SAG & Govt. Also JSON of GSTR 1 from system
  • Auto filtering of regular & composition clients
  • Download bulk status of return filing details of GSTR-1, 3B, 4
  • Download all the return data from GSTN portal on single click
  • Reconciliation of GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 2A, GSTR 3B, GSTR 1 portal & software data
  • ITC 04 (input tax credit form) for manufacturers
  • Fill all the relevant details in the GST software and upload to GSTN
  • At the time of importing data, existing data will be compared and mismatch error report is generated
  • Get GSTR 1 data from portal and compare our GST software data
  • Client wise list shown as per their liability and option opted to file GSTR-1 Monthly/Quarterly
  • Export data to Govt. offline tool, Govt. portal & Gen GST excel. Also GSTR 1/3B filing data to excel
  • Clients will be shown in relevant Period as per Registration Date/Dealer Type
  • Return-wise client list of return Filed/Not filed and filed within due date or not

Innovative Features

of Gen GST Software for Taxpayers

Highlights Desktop Online (Cloud)

Advance Technology

Platform Independent

Our GST software operates on any OS whether Windows/Linux/Mac and is available on Desktop, Mobile/Tab (iOS/Android both platforms), Cloud, and the Web. Online version requires hosting while desktop version is for windows only
No Yes

Java, Highly Secured Language

Built with ultra secured JAVA language for safety aspects of tax data
No Yes

e-Filing using any Channel

Taxpayer can file returns from his desired GSP/ASP and can also choose to file through GST portal
Yes Yes

Need not to use GSP Service

Gen GST Desktop version provides access to GST portal on behalf of login credentials saving money on API usage
Yes No

Mobile Application

Dedicated mobile app of Gen GST will provide the taxpayer required tax details on any place of earth
No Yes

Creation of Masters

Masters Data will help the taxpayer in entering exact tax data at the time of first data filling. This entered data can be used in future course for resisting any duplicate or wrong data. Also taxpayers can merge data with various name tags and can also delete the data.
Yes Yes

Invoice (Sale & Purchase) for Goods & Services

Billing for Goods and Services

Customized billing offers simplified billing which in turn saves money and time of the taxpayer with easy to use interface
Yes Yes

Purchase Invoice for Unregistered Dealers in Reverse Charges Mechanism (RCM)

Maintain specific list of dealers under RCM and create purchase RCM invoice for them separately.
Yes Yes

Debit Credit Note

Reports on invoices, debit notes, credit notes and revised invoices Of sales & purchases
No Yes

Industry Specific Billing Format

Create industry specific billing format as our GST software is according to the GST framework
Yes Yes

Digital Signature of the Invoices

Prepare invoice with digital signatures and send them directly to the customers
Yes No

Mailing facility to the Customers

Gen GST provides instant mailing facility every time an invoice is generated
Yes Yes

Advance Receipt

Facility of advance receipt and computed GST on it has been provided
No Yes

Refund Voucher

Obtain refund vouchers from clients and maintain refund time line
No Yes

Payment Voucher

Generate payment voucher through our GST software every time a payment is processed with bill and maintain the vouchers for future reference
No Yes


e-Filing GSTR Forms

  • GSTR 1 - One click e-filing of data with Offset & EVC/DSC-e-filing, delete all data from portal, summary/dashboard option, amendment facility, bulk download status of return filing, download return data from GSTN portal, portal data import from GST software and govt portal.
  • GSTR 2/2A – E-filing of returns with data import from Govt. portal, summary/dashboard option, download return data from GSTN portal.
  • GSTR 3B – E-filing with Offset & EVC/DSC of returns with import data facility from Govt. portal, summary/dashboard option, bulk download status of filing details, download return data from GSTN portal, reset returns all possible through our GST software.
  • GSTR 4 - E-filing with Offset & EVC/DSC of returns with auto offset, bulk download status of filing details, summary/dashboard option, download return data from GSTN portal.
  • On single click user can download all the data (GSTR 1, 2A, 3B, all ledgers, return status and challan register) from GSTN portal.
Yes Yes

Furnish HSN Code

Upon generation of JSON file Input blank or 2 to 4 digit HSN code only. Also import data in excel template of Govt./SAG/Tally/Busy or Copy/Paste HSN at the time of Generation of e-File in our GST software.
Yes Yes

Invoice Uploading

Upload invoices anytime according to the convenience
Yes Yes

Match Mismatch Report Notification

Compare complete tax data with every seller according to the registration details and also while importing from govt database, excel and from Gen GST
Yes Yes

Auto Error Identification

Find error report Zip files in our GST software and validate GST numbers in bulk. Also Validating JSON Files with Different parameter.
Yes Yes


Reconciliation of GSTR-1,GSTR-2,GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, GSTR-1 Portal & Software Data
Monthly sales reconciliation after taking into consideration amendment effect of subsequent months.
Yes Yes

GST E Waybill

E Way bill Registration

Registration for Both registered Taxpayer and transporter for E-way bill
No Yes

E Way Bill Generation

  • Bulk generation of E-way bill both for registered tax payer and transporter
  • Generation of Part –A slip by entering Transporter ID
Yes Yes

E Way Bill Consolidation

Generate consolidated GST E-way bill with complete detailed
Yes Yes

E Way Bill Updation

  • Updation of vehicle Number
  • Creation of suppliers, receiver, transporter and vehicle
Yes Yes

E Way Bill Validation

Validation of JSON File for different parameters
Yes Yes

E Way Bill Print

Printing of E-way bill in both short and detailed manner through GST software
No Yes

E Way Bill Records

Keeping vehicle history list for the e-way bill generated
No Yes

Import-Export Facilities

Import/Export Data From/To Third-party Software

Import/Export tax data from Tally Excel & Direct, SAG Excel, Govt. Excel, Busy Excel as well as the JSON File generated from any Software. Also export client vouchers to the tally instantly
Yes Yes

Export Data To GST Offline Tool

The GST Software supports exporting of data into the GST Govt. Offline Tool & SAG Excel.
Yes Yes

Bulk Import of Receiver/Suppliers Data

Our GST software is capable of importing tax data including GSTR 2A data from govt portal
Yes Yes

Import Client Details

Import Details Like Client Master, Supplier & Receiver Data from Portal & Based on GST number.
Yes Yes

Import and Export in Excel

Import/Export GST returns and invoicing details in excel to software and export software data to excel
Yes Yes

Import and Export from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN

Our GST software can directly import/export the pre-decided excel template provided by the GSTN
Yes Yes

Import From e-File (JSON)

Import JSON file generated by any software or any utility to the GST software
Yes Yes

Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN

Directly file GST returns on govt GST portal
Yes Yes

Import From Invoice Section

Import billing data into GSTR1 and upload it on govt portal directly
Yes Yes

SMS/Email Facility to Clients

Inform clients regarding Returns status via Bulk SMS/Email directly through Gen GST.
Yes Yes

Unique Client Authentication Mechanism

Create unlimited clients and assign your client's password for any modification in tax data.
No Yes


Register under GST instantly with govt certified forms for every kind of taxpayer i.e. Regular, Composition and Practitioner
No Yes


Pay all the GST returns online with secured payment gateway through GST Software also maintaining challan register.
Challan Register, Challan Printing.
Yes No

Input Tax Credit

Tax Liability

Our GST software calculates input tax credit automatically including all the tax liability and adjust Net tax liability accordingly
Yes Yes

GST Credit Register

GST Credit Register (Calculation of credit as per Rules 37(2), 42 & 43)
Yes Yes

Client-wise Dashboard

Find Auto Filtering of Regular & Composition Clients, show clients according to Registration Date/Dealer Type, show clients as per liability and GSTR-1 Monthly/Quarterly, client list return wise of return filed/not filed and filed within Due Date or Not. Such features only with our Gen GST software.
Yes Yes

Advance Security

User Right

Assign user rights to the desired individual with customizable user permission settings and access
Yes Yes


Administrator can screen all the login individuals who have visited the software and executed any moderation.
Yes Yes

Interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports

Date wise reports of invoices to crosscheck with User wise Rights, Return & Invoice Status Report with Cash, Credit & Liability Ledger.
Yes Yes

General Features

LAN Connectivity

Avail complete facilities of online version and extend it to another computer through LAN connection
Yes No


Gen GST software provides complete guidance on regular basis
Yes Yes


Backup all the tax data to avoid any mishap of data loss and recover whenever in need.
Yes Yes

SEP’s (Suggestions/Errors/Problems)

Connect with us through SEP and suggest for any betterment and desired feature in the GST software.
Yes Yes

Customize Theme

Our GST software is adaptable to new colors, theme and personal touch.
No Yes

Client/Year Wise Password Protection

Protect confidential tax data with password protector
Yes Yes

Return Lock Facility

This feature will facilitate locking of a particular return status as designated by the CA.
Yes Yes

Sync facility is also Available

Both the desktop and online version of software will be synchronized and updated giving exact tax data on both the version regardless of place of access
No Yes
Upcoming Features

GST E Waybill

  • Updation of Bill status for the E-way bills Generated
  • Extension of Validity of E-way bill
  • Regeneration of E-way bill generated through GST software
  • Updation of Bill status for the E-way bills Generated
  • Yes Yes

    Shipping Bill

    Prepare shipping bills of your complete sales and foreign shipments with excise and customs details.
    Yes Yes
      Download Free Demo Free Demo

    Pricing Plan of Gen GST Software



    Gen GST Software for Billing and E-Filing

    Price INR 5000
    Updation INR 2000/Per Year
    GSTIN Reg Unlimited
    e-Filling Charges As Per ASP/GSP

    Note : LAN Charges Additional i.e. INR 500 + Tax Per LAN


    Variant Standard Professional Enterprises
    Application Charges INR 19999 INR 29999 INR 79999
    Mobile APP Charges (iOS+Android) INR 10000 INR 10000 INR 10000
    GSTIN No. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Client Login (Online) 10 100 500
    Employee Login 3 10 25
    Hosting Space 10 GB 50 GB 500 GB
    Bandwidth 5 GB/Per month 50 GB/Per month 300 GB/Per month
    e-Filing Charges As Per ASP/GSP As Per ASP/GSP As Per ASP/GSP
    Additional Per Client Login INR 500/Per Year INR 300/Per Year INR 200/Per Year
    Additional Per Employee Login INR 2999/Per Year INR 2499/Per Year INR 1999/Per Year
    Hosting Charges
    Hosting Pricing Standard (India) INR 4999/Per Year INR 9999/Per Year INR 39999/Per Year
    Hosting Pricing Cloud INR 19999/Per Year INR 49999/Per Year INR 199999/Per Year
    Domain Charges
    Standard Domains Charges INR 750/Per Year INR 750/Per Year INR 750/Per Year

    Note : Above mention each and every prices are excluding all applicable taxes. All above prices calculation without domain included. Terms & Conditions

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Gen GST software all about?
    Gen GST software is a highly acclaimed Goods and services tax billing software which is developed by SAG Infotech, an organisation with decades of tax solution market holding. The software is blessed with some of the most updated and innovative features to sort out all the complex GST related tasks and tax filing.
    2. Can I file GSTR-3B return using the Gen GST Software?
    Yes, Our GST software now allows you to easily file your tax returns using GSTR 3B form directly from your desktop application. Just download and install the software on your system and start filing the GSTR-3B return now.
    3. What is an Online GST Software?
    GST Online software is tightly packed with security features including secure Java language widely used for financial background institutions. Tax softwares are meant to be highly secured and hard track down and with GEN GST online software, it is acceptable to continue working for all the tax matters and data storage. Another accessibility state its online feature which converts the opportunity of editing modifying all the tax data anywhere.
    4. Why Gen GST Software stand bigger?
    Here is a list of some of the key points for which you need to have GST software as shown below:
    • Privacy
    • Platform Independent
    • Workability
    • Smart & Intelligent
    • Constant Improvement through reporting
    • Database handling
    5. What are the unique features of Gen GST software?
    The Gen GST software will be the most innovative GST software available in the market. The software will be accommodating features like Platform Adaptability, Security of Database, Built in JAVA language, Import/Export of data from anywhere, Unlimited client authentication and much more.
    11. How GST compliance software helps in GST return filing?
    Management of master data in uniformity with applications Quick filing of returns with easy process Easy uploading and raising of Invoices accordingly Proper validation of data and word associated with clients and employees Prominent upscaling of valuation in groups
    6. Is there billing facility with the GST Software?
    Yes, the software is capable of customised billing and can import data directly from the billing for filing returns.
    7. What is Goods and Services Tax Identification Number?
    Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a 15 digit PAN based number according to state wise structure mainly formed to refer identity of business units registered under GST.
    8. Is there any demo for the software?
    Yes, the demo will be available for the prospective clients to have an outlook of our one of the best GST software. Just follow the link and register yourself for the demo.
    9. What are the services associated with the Gen GST software?
    The software will provide each and every service related to the GST billing, e-filing, account reconciliation, mismatch notification and much more.
    10.Can I use free service of Gen GST before buying pro-version?
    Yes, you can use the free-version of Gen GST software for a limited time period. Although, we recommend buying the full software if you want to enjoy the complete unique features along with unlimited e-filing capability. The cloud version (online) software is free to use for one GSTIN (GST Identification Number), i.e for a single business or person.
    12.Difference between Online and Desktop Application?
    • Online App
    • Online variant helps in accessing tax data regardless of location due to its Internet connectivity feature
    • Online variant seeks proper working Internet connection to be workable.
    • Online variants requires web browser to function regardless of any OS.
    • Desktop App
    • Desktop variant on other hand ask for a single place maneuvering of tax data with no mobility while handling
    • Desktop variants only requires proper system hardware to run on the system.
    • Desktop variants requires certain hardware specifications for proper functioning on the system

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